Wow! What a Pitch-Slap.

Wasn't quite expecting to be slapped that hard before we know each other.
Woah. My Bad.

What is a Pitch-Slap?

A pitch slap is when you think a conversation with someone truly feels legitimate, only for them to immediately launch into an intense sales spiel.

Pitch-slaps feel immediate, are typically not researched, and feel aggressive.

If you are here, then we hate to break it to you, but you may be a serial Pitch-Slapper.

The Pitch-Slap by Zero Bull Agency


What We Do

Zero Bull Agency is a boutique creative and strategic agency that helps sales teams find their voice.


ZERO BULL Approach

We believe in a Zero Bull Approach to business that focuses on delivering value to our clients so they can increase revenue faster than ever before.

We'll help you craft a message that is interesting, engaging, and most importantly, legitimate. So you can finally have those conversations you've been wanting to have to generate quality leads.


Our Mission

We help sales teams stop the pitch-slap approach so they can connect with prospects, gain trust, and book appointments.

We're here to provide value, not take advantage of your time.


The Profit-A-Bull Pitch 

If you’re looking to close more deals and boost your sales, you need a strong pitch that connects with your ideal client. And that’s where we come in. At Zero Bull Agency, we specialize in crafting custom Profit-A-Bull pitches guaranteed to get results. Whether you’re selling to businesses or consumers, we’ll help you find the right words to close the deal.

So what are you waiting for? Tell us your ideal client and value proposition, and let us create a pitch that will have them saying yes in no time.

Success Stories

Truly an incredible experience working with Rachel and Jon, these two are on the ball! Extremely tech savvy, fast, responsive and professional while having a good time in the process, just remarkable! One would be a fool for not doing business with these two!”

Barry Griffin

CEO, Crank

The team helped me to clarify my vision and define my brand. The insight and probing questions helped to get me thinking about myself and my brand in a way that I had not done before. Having them as part of my village of subject matter experts is extremely valuable.”

Noel Garcia

CEO, NG Distillery

“Personalized experiences that help clients reach goals! The team cares about the work they do and it shows! Along with that caring comes vast knowledge, experience and expertise. They are the real deal!”

Christy Renzulli

Sr. Director, Client Success, Ticketmaster

The Bouncer Effect

To combat the constant “sell” on LinkedIn and email, we’ve had to become bouncers of our inboxes.

Think of it as waiting in line to get into your favorite club. When you get to the door, the bouncer denies you entry immediately. It doesn’t matter that you’ve been there for 3 hours, spent money on clothes or whatever.

Our Zero Bull Approach helps companies get past the bouncers to land more meetings with the decision-makers you want to reach.

We Can Help

There is no obligation. We won’t spam you. We will give you a free consult and see if you are someone we can help.


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