The History of The Pitch-Slap

Sales pitches have been around for a long time in many different contexts and have become a necessary evil in the business world.

We all have to give them, whether we’re selling products or services or trying to get funding for our businesses. It has proven to be an effective way to get someone’s attention and make them notice what you have to say.

But there’s one sales technique that always seems to make us shiver…

The Pitch-Slap by Zero Bull Agency

So what is the history of this bizarre and cringe sales technique, and why do people still use it today?

Let’s take a look at its history.

Believe it or not, the pitch-slap is a tactic that’s been around for ages. The earliest known use of this technique was in Ancient Greece when Aristotle used it to convince potential clients to invest in his services.

Who would have thought that Aristotle was a serial pitch-slapper?

Throughout history, the pitch-slap has been used by various salespeople, from door-to-door sales clerks to business executives, from cold-calling to email campaigns and LinkedIn messages.

While the specific tactics may vary, the underlying principle is always to make a solid and compelling argument that is impossible to resist.

However, people that use this technique have made changes to the approach, transforming it into a terrible and embarrassing way to push people to buy something without addressing their necessities or even taking the time to know who they are pitching and what they do.

This old-school approach has been massively unsuccessful and has only served to alienate potential customers.


Yes, people don’t like to get these types of messages:

The History of The Pitch-Slap

Some salespeople have attempted to modernize the sale pitch-slap by adding a personal touch. They’ll ask about the customer’s day or inquire about their family…

Or worst… ask about the weather. However, this ‘’personal touch’’ is often disingenuous and generic and only makes the customer feel even more uncomfortable.

Why do people still use this approach? Our best guess is a lack of knowledge and only caring about selling, not creating a real connection, and helping your prospects.

So, the best way to sell something is to listen to the customer and tailor the pitch to their specific needs.

Trying to force a sale with a pitch-slap will only drive customers away.

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