The Consequences of a Pitch-Slap

Anyone who’s ever been to a car dealership knows the drill.

You walk in, and you’re immediately surrounded by salespeople who want to sell you a car. Most of the time, they are too aggressive, too intense, and annoying, saying some stuff about features you don’t care about.

And this person just won’t quit. As they go on and on for minutes that feel like hours, you can feel the blood boiling in your veins. You know they don’t care about you or your needs; they only care about selling.

Now, picture that situation in your LinkedIn inbox.

Message after message, trying to be relatable and to connect with you without not even checking if you could be interested or adding value to the proposal.

You haven’t even had your first cup of coffee when this pushy salesperson is already pitch-slapping you about a product or service.


So, what are the consequences of this kind of behavior?

The consequences of a pitch-slap

Let’s look at the implications of a sales pitch slap and see if it’s worth it in the end. We have gathered a list of the most common:

  1. The recipient may feel disrespected, annoyed, belittled, or simply put off. And depending on the person, they might slap you back.
  2. If you’re trying to build a relationship with someone, a pitch slap will immediately put them on the defensive. They’ll be less likely to trust you and may even decide to end the relationship altogether.
  3. It can damage your reputation and make it harder to get future opportunities.
  4. A pitch slap can make it challenging to attract new customers or supporters.

The consequences of pitch-slapping people are usually negative, so don’t be surprised if you start losing potential clients due to your poorly created pitch.

If you want to be successful in business or your personal life, it’s important to avoid coming across as a pitch slapper. Instead, take the time to personalize your messages, make sure they come from a place of respect, and that you are truly providing value to your prospect.

Think about your tone the next time you send an email or post on social media.

And if you’re unsure what that tone should be, contact us first.

We will ensure your pitches are hitting their mark–and that you’re not slapping people in the face with it.

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