How To Recover From a Pitch-Slap

Do you know the feeling?

You reached out to a prospect, tried establishing that first connection, and…

They slap you in the face with immediate rejection.

Or worse… a removed connection.

It can feel like all that work was for nothing.

But don’t worry, there is hope. We are here to teach you how to recover from a pitch-slap and turn that rejection into a success.

Here are four steps on how to recover from a pitch-slap:


1. Don’t dwell on it

The first thing you need to do is not to dwell on the rejection. Yes, it will hurt, but if you stay stuck in that negative headspace, you will make it harder to move on. So take some time to mourn the loss, but then quickly put it behind you and focus on what’s next.


2. Analyze what went wrong

Next, you need to analyze what went wrong. Maybe your idea wasn’t as good as you thought it was, or perhaps the client just wasn’t a good fit for your product. Whatever the reason, figuring out where you went wrong is essential to ensure it doesn’t happen again.


3. Learn from your mistakes

After you’ve analyzed what went wrong, it’s time to learn from your mistakes. You need to take everything you learned and apply it to your next pitch. Doing this will increase your chances of success and know what works and doesn’t.


4. Move on

Lastly, you need to move on. Pitching is a numbers game; even if you get rejected multiple times, that doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

The important thing is to not dwell on the pitch-slap. It’s happened; you can’t change it. But you can use it as a learning experience and move forward more confidently. Take some time to reflect on what went wrong, then put that knowledge into practice the next time you go out there and sell your product or service.

However, it is essential to consider another factor, the real reason behind the failure…

Are you connecting with the right people? Do you know your ideal client? Are you targeting them the right way? Is the message connecting????

If the answers to these questions are not, then you need The Profit-A-Bull Pitch.

Pitching is hard, but it’s worth it when you land that big client or make the sale that takes your business to the next level. So don’t let one lousy pitch-slap keep you from reaching your goals.

Get back up and start pitching again!

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